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From John Oliver <>
Subject Re: Is it possible...
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 18:28:29 GMT
On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 08:18:05PM -0400, Peter Lin wrote:
> jmeter has the accesslog sampler, which can take production access logs and
> use that to generate requests


After playing with that a little, though, I'm puzzled by the results I'm
getting.  I grabbed about 24 hours of logs to use.  That averages about
4 hits per second, from about .5 hps to about 9 hps.  I looked at
and it seemed pretty straightforward.  Running one loop with one user
generates, according to the Aggregate Report, 1 error.
Oooohhhkaaayyy... adding users and loops just generates more errors.

Since there's obviously something pretty important missing from that
step-by-step PDF... what do I need to do to get it to actually start to
duplicate what's in that access_log?  What do I tell JMeter for users
and loops?  How do I tell JMeter to add more concurrent connections?

Also, I fiddled with the Graph Results listener a little.  I can't find
any documentation on how to interpret the results.  Average / Median /
Deviation / Throughput... of what?  Raw bandwidth?

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