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From "Jennifer R. Lee" <>
Subject Passing a file of http requests
Date Mon, 26 Jun 2006 21:31:22 GMT
Hi All - I am trying to pass a file containing all the paths for my URLs to a Jmeter test case.
I setup a variable;
Name: URL
User_1:  ${_StringFromFile(tutorials2.dat)} 
Then I created an HTTP request sample, with my server name and path as ${URL}. This works
except for some reason a '%20' seems to be added to the end of all the URLs. 
For example, in the dat file I have;
But what I see in the results tree is:
GET <>

GET <>

I am trying to figure out where the %20 is coming from, its not in the dat file as far as
I can tell? And the request is failing with the %20 on there.
Maybe I cannot do this? It would be great if I could pass the URLs in a text file(and not
an access log which is not distinct to me) as I am hitting a production server and I only
want to simulate what I have done, which is easily captured thru the Fiddler tool. I see I
could use an http proxy to perhaps capture the results, but since I already had everything
in a text file, I would prefer to go that route if possible.
I have not used Jmeter in awhile, so maybe I am missing how to do this properly.
Thank You!
Jennifer Lee

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