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From amelaao <>
Subject Re: params and variables
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 18:36:10 GMT
On 5/17/06, sebb <> wrote:

> On 17/05/06, amelaao <> wrote:
> > My Thread consists of several SOAP/XML-RPC samplers.Samplers are similar
> > regarding the input variables, but assertions are very different so it
> Do you mean response assertions?

One one of them I may use one Xpath assertions, on the other I may use
different Xpath assertions. Similarly, on some of them I may have different
Response assertions. In essence these are different test cases for testing
same Web Service.

> > doesn't make sense to use CSV file as input.
> Why not?
> > I need to set several variables
> > for each sampler and the each variable needs to be local for the
> sampler. I
> Seems like a suitable case for CSV Data Set
> > used pre-processor user parameters to set the values but it seems not to
> be
> > working fine.
> What is not working?
> > If I hardcode the values in the request itself I have no
> > problems. With user defined params I don't get the consistent behaviour.
> What behaviour do you get?
> > What would be the best option? Variables can also be global, but how do
> I
> > change the value for each sampler before it is run?
> I'm not really sure what you are trying to do, so it is difficult to
> advise...

I want to pass a variable or a parameter to each sampler, where the variable
names are the same, but the values are not. I was thinking that having
pre-processor for each sampler where I have user param and I assign it a
different value will take care of this.

    -Sampler 1
        - pre-processor
            - User Parameters
                param: name_a   value_1
                           name_b ......
            - XPath assertion 1
     -Sampler 2
        - pre-processor
            - User Parameters
                param: name_a   value_2
                           name_c ........
           - Response Assertion 1
           - Xpath assertion 2

Another reason why I'm trying to avoid CSV I'm part of a large group and we
are trying to minimize dependencies on external files as much as possible,
since our code is shared. Also, my test scripts are going to be executed by
manual testers and automated scripts, and manual testers and developers
prefer to change the values of variables if they need inside the testcase
itself (inside JMeter).
 My question is I guess, besides CSV, is this a way to set params to a
Sampler, or should I use Config Element (User Defined Variables).


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