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From James Bull <>
Subject Load test with 1000 threads causes j-meter to lose data file
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 11:46:55 GMT

I am running a test with 10 thread groups each with 100 threads. I am
trying to find out how the site behaves under load. The reason I have used
10 thread groups rather than one with 1000 users is so that j-meter does
not wait for all threads to complete an iteration before firing off the
next set of requests.

After the test has been running for five minutes j-meter starts to complain
that it cannot open the data file despite the fact it has been reading it
quite happily for the last five minutes.

Using lsof on the linux box we can see that j-meter has the file open for
the first five minutes of the test and then no longer has it open once the
errors begin to occur.

I turned the j-meter logging to debug to see if it gave any useful
information. The test now passed and j-meter was able to find the file all
the way through the test.

I tried to work around the problem by giving each thread group a different
data file hoping that as the problem seemed to be related to the threading
this would give the system enough slack to sort itself out. Unfortunately
it didn't help and after the same period (roughly) j-meter lost the file

I have run similar tests with less users which are closer to the expected
load and these do not have the same problem.

Has anyone else seen a problem like this?

I am using the csv Data Set Config element. Any help would be greatly

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