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From Gaƫl LHEZ <>
Subject Waiting for all thread ('user') before continuing the test
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 08:19:35 GMT

I have the following test to do :

I have 15 users that does some work (they have to register DVD, etc) on the
website I have to test. When this work is done, another people must do a
specific action : I'd like to wait for that specific action, before
continuing the test, where I need those particular action to be made.

Here is a "graphical" view of my test and what it should looks like :

WhileController: Is there some dvd to register ?
	HTTPSampler: register it
If not last user : 
	Do the unique action (eg: only one thread should do it)
	Prepare data, and wake up all other user/thread

I can't separate this into severall test, as it is how it works. 

In term of Java, that would means something like this :

synchronized (nbUserThatFinishedTheTest) {
	if ( nbUserThatFinishedTheTest == nbUserThatMayFinishTheTest ) {
	} else while (nbUserThatFinishedTheTest<nbUserThatMayFinishTheTest)

Before trying to make some "waiter" component, i'd like to know if it is
advised to do such in jMeter? (I'm not the architecturer of jMeter, so) (and
if it already exists, in that case that would be stupid to it).


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