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From bgordon <>
Subject Re: RuntimeController
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 19:36:24 GMT
I've downloaded and tried version jakarta-jmeter-2-1.20060430   and I still have the same error.
I want to verify that I'm using RuntimeController properly. I have
  ThreadGroup "TransactionalRequestor"
    RuntimeController with Runtime (seconds) set to ${__P(runtimeControllerMaxSeconds,180)}
         ThroughputController A
           Http request 1
           Http request 2
           Http request 3
         ThroughputController B
           Http request 4
           Http request 5
  Should that stop the test after rutimeControllerMaxSeconds, assuming its defined?
  When will the RuntimeController step in and cancel things. If I have many children does
it only check after a pass through the children, which could explain why I see a run time
of 21 minutes even though my runtimeController should be stopping after 400 seconds. 
  Thanks, Bruce

sebb <> wrote:
  On 02/05/06, bgordon wrote:
> the RuntimeController doesn't seem to stop my jmx scripts. I see that there is
> Should that be fixed my my 2.1.1 version or do I need to download a newer one?

IIRC, I've not made any fixes in that area since 2.1.1, but there are
a lot of other fixes in the current nightly which might possibly have

All I can say, is try it and see ...

Thanks, Bruce

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