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From "Azeem Hafeez" <>
Subject Re: JMeter sends out wrong parameters in request
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 05:13:08 GMT
Hi sebb,

I have been able to trouble shoot further on this . The request uses a 
form of mutli-part data type, where in an icon file can be specified 
amongst the details for a particular product. However this field is an 
optional one.

The problem that i face is that the request for finding details 
corresponding to a known product, yields no result when using JMeter for 
recording.I was able to find a work around by adding a value in the field 
corresponding to the icon file,with which i can get it to work.

However i realize that the product name field (using which i find details 
of the product) , turns up differently at the server end.Unlike what i 
give in the request it takes the default value.This i have certained  from 
the server logs.

I do use a Cookie manger. I have been through the archives of JMeter, but 
they have rather left me confused a bit, on whether there is true suport 
for multipart requests in JMeter.

Please do let me know if the Bugzilla needs to raised.


On 27/04/06, Azeem Hafeez <> wrote:
> Hi All ,
>         I am facing problems while recording an HTTP Request using 
> Proxy Server. The request however works fine when run from the explorer
> without using JMeter to  record the request.
> I believe that JMeter is some how interfering with the request 
> being sent to the server, for the same set of values that yield the 
> from the explorer returns nothing when JMeter is running in the 
background .
> Also strangely the web session is cleared which is not a feature of the
> application that we have designed.

Did you add a Cookie Manager to the test plan?

> I have been using JMeter for the last three months or so and hasnt faced 
> issue as this before. From what i have debugged, I came to the 
> that JMeter isn't using the set of parameters passed as request, instead 
> picks up from some stale session or so.

What evidence do you have for this?

> If any one of u has faced an issue of this kind before , please let me 
> and probably i can give more details on the nature of our application.

If you have a test case that can reproduce this, then please raise a
Bugzilla issue and attach all the necessary files.

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