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From "Sonam Chauhan" <>
Subject log file formats - upgrade problem
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 07:07:58 GMT
Hello JMeter list! I'm in the process of upgrading a testsuite from
JMeter 1.9.1 to 2.1.1 and ran into problems below in how log files are
processed. Can you help?

JMeter 1.9.1
The old JMeter (1.9.1) used to generate logs of this type:
<sampleResult timeStamp="1144219416885" ...> 

'Old Tests' in JMeter 2.1.1
When an 'old' JMeter testscript (i.e. created using JMeter 1.9.1) is run
in the new JMeter (2.1.1), logs of the following type are generated:
<httpSample t="422" lt="422" ts="1144219352620" ...>

'New Tests' in JMeter 2.1.1
However, if I build a new testcase from scratch new JMeter (2.1.1), it
generated yet a different log format:
<sampleResult timeStamp="1144217221253" ...><assertionResult
This resembles the old log format, but has different nested elements: 
- The old practice of representing 302 redirects as <sampleResult>
subelements is gone.
- New <assertionResult> subelements now occur under <sampleResult>. 

1. 	How could I make both old and new test scripts generate the same
log format when run in JMeter 2.1.1? 

2. 	Is there documentation on the JMeter 2.1.1 log format?

Sonam Chauhan
Corporate Express Australia Ltd.
Phone: +61-2-9335-0725, Email:

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