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From Erik Lindegren <>
Subject jmeter stops sending requests
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2006 13:05:29 GMT
I have a strange problem with jmeter at the moment.
I'm trying to overload an apache  server on my local network.
I'm using 3 computers: one for the apache server, and the remaining  
two for running remote jmeter servers.

When I've been running my test for about 40-50s both of the jmeter  
servers stop sending http-requests to the apache server.After about  
30-40s the jmeter servers start  sending requests again, but after a  
while they go down again, and so it continues.

First I thought the problem was with the jmeter test plan, that it  
was too cpu-consuming, but I setup a much more simple test plan and  
the same problem still occured. As soon as I used both jmeter- 
servers, they stopped sending requests after a while. When I use one  
jmeter-server at the time, I have never gotten this problem.

Have anyone any idea of what the problem might be?
I would be very thankful for any help at all!

Just one more thing, when a jmeter test thread sends a http-request,  
does it wait for an ACK before sending a new request?


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