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From Tim Hepner <>
Subject Call a function without a sampler
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 17:52:34 GMT
I'm using jmeter 2.1.1.  What is the best way to call a function when 
that is all you need to do.  My jmeter script navigates through tabs on 
a page.  On the 1st request to the page I use a regular expression 
extractor to extract the name a link for each tab separated by a comma.  
Then inside a foreach loop I use the __split function to separate the 
name and link.  I then navigate to each tab using the link and make an 
assertion using the name.  Currently I have an extra http request just 
to use the __split function.  Is there a way I can call the __split 
function without making an http request?  Here's what the plan looks like.

Http Sampler
    Regular Expression Extractor (Extract tab names and links)
For Each Loop (Iterate through tabs)
    Http Sampler  (used to call the __split function to split name and link)
    Http Sampler (Navigate to tab)
       Response Assertion  (Assertion based on tab name)


Tim Hepner

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