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From Mamading Ceesay <>
Subject JMeter and ASP.NET Postback
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 13:59:23 GMT

After scouring the mailing list, wiki, docs and examples for a considerable 
amount of time, it's seems to me that short of writing a component, JMeter 
doesn't appear to have any way of dealing with ASP.NET Postback.

Here's an article discussing issues with testing ASP.NET Postback and how 
another tool deals with it:

VIEWSTATE isn't the only parameter that behaves this way.  EVENTTARGET and 
others also do so.  

I've tried to devise my own workaround but without success.  Ideally, I'd have 
a pre-processor that would allow me to do a regex-based search and replace on 
hidden form fields.  Lacking that, a BeanShell Pre-Processor component would 
be handy.  Without a comprehensive example or two, I don't feel up to having 
a go at a BeanShell Sampler within the deadline I have let alone a JMeter 
component written in Java.

As it stands, JMeter isn't much use for testing ASP.NET applications despite 
its considerable strengths.

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