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Subject Re: not working for listener file output
Date Tue, 03 Jan 2006 23:30:33 GMT
Okay, further results.
I tried setting the file in c:\temp and then specifying 
the starting path like:
"jmeter.bat -p c:\temp\" to see if that would help.
It does not. The issue appears to be listener specific.

For example, the table listener (18.3.8 View Results in Table) can be 
configured to write out the results in xml format, or not. 
If not, it uses csv format (using comma as separator). But it ignores any 
specification in such as:|

But in no case will it write out the timestamp in date/time format as 
specified by SimpleDateFormat. So telling it:"MM/dd/yy HH:mm:ss"
with or without the quotes -- changes nothing. It always uses milliseconds 
since 1970.

Now the Aggregate Report (18.3.7) will use the pipe separator and will do 
column headings. But it also will only do timestamp based on milliseconds 
since 1970. And apparently it is hardcoded to use the pipe, because if I 
it ignores that and uses the pipe symbol (|) anyway.

I also note that in csv mode (instead of xml mode) neither will output 
latency even if I have set:
but both will output latency in xml mode.

Finally, I am using the most recent "nightly build" downloaded as of this 
morning (01/03/06).

Therefore I must conclude that the Listeners do not in fact pay much 
attention to the values set in when it comes to 
formatting the output file.

sebb <>
01/01/2006 01:30 PM
Please respond to "JMeter Users List"
        To:     JMeter Users List <>
        Subject:        Re: not working for listener 
file output

I think this was fixed in the nightly builds - if not, please create a
Bugzilla issue.

On 30/12/05, <> wrote:
> According to section 18.3 of the Users Manual, listeners can write 
> to a specified file (this works).
> Using the View Results In Table listener, it has a configure button to
> control whether output is XML or not, and to select output items (this
> works).
> But also according to section 18.3, changes in the in
> file can permit changing the timestamp from milliseconds to a date
> timestamp format like so:
> HH:mm:ss
> This does NOT appear to work -- at least when I uncomment this, I do NOT
> get the date/time format as per the user manual, but it remains in
> milliseconds since January 1 1970 mode.
> Any ideas how to fix this? My file looks like this:
> # Results file configuration
> # For testing, output is changed to CSV and variable fields
> # (timestamp and elased) are suppressed
> # This section helps determine how result data will be saved.
> # The commented out values are the defaults.
> # legitimate values: xml, csv, db.  Only xml and csv are currently
> supported.
> # Define true to save the output files in
> #testsaveservice.saveout=true
> # true when field should be saved; false otherwise
> # assertion_results_failure_message only affects CSV output
> # legitimate values: none, ms, or a format suitable for SimpleDateFormat
> HH:mm:ss
> # legitimate values: none, first, all
> # For use with Comma-separated value (CSV) files or other formats
> # where the fields' values are separated by specified delimiters.
> # File that holds a record of name changes for backward compatibility
> issues
> upgrade_properties=/bin/

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