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From Richard Gaywood <>
Subject HTTP authorization manager driving me crazy
Date Thu, 19 Jan 2006 14:51:22 GMT
I'm trying to get a simple pageload on a HTTP server with Basic auth and
it's driving me mad! I'd tried lots of options and can't get JMeter to send
an Authorization header under any circumstances (I have JMeter pointed at a
proxy server that allows me to spy on the output).

I've tried putting the Authorization Manager as a top-level test
componenent, inside the Thread group, and inside the HTTP client; none of
that works. I've tried the Base URL field in the Auth Manager as blank, as
the server DNS name, as http://server_name, and as the complete page URL of
the page I'm loading. I've tried HTTPRequest and HTTPRequest HTTPClient.
None of it works -- my proxy never shows an Authorization header on any

What (doubtless simple) mistake have I made? I've attached a copy of the
test plan incase anyone wants a look. THanks in advance to anyone who reads

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