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From "Baumgartner, Christian" <>
Subject AW: problem with URL re-writing modifier
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:00:39 GMT
about regex:

reference name: the variable name that can be used after the expressin got extracted
regular expression: would be something like this ->  sessionNumber="(.*)"
	(i suggest it is a hidden field that is submitted when firing the request.. )
template: templates in regular expressions are the matches between the parenthesis. in the
example above it will be $1$
match no.: is the number of the match that should be stored. so if there are more matches
of sessionNumber in the response code, you have the choice to use any one (random = 0) or
the first (1) the second (2) and so on.. 
in case of a session the first one will do it equally like the last one -> 1

default value: the value that will stored in the reference name, if no match was found ->
i often put in there something like: NOSESSIONNUMBERFOUNDHERE
it makes it easier to debug if something went wrong.

hope i could help so far
fg Christian

-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Derek Bradley [] 
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 04. Jänner 2006 02:57
Betreff: problem with URL re-writing modifier

Hi all,

I am having problems with the URL rewriting mechanism on Jmeter 2.1.

I've added a HTTP URL Re-writing Modifier listener, with the value of

The application I am testing uses HTTP Request parameters which
are setup and seem to be working fine.

So when I send a POST request like this :


I get some response data containing this :

var curPage = "../lg/lg_login.html";
var sessionNumber =
var scriptsPath = "/eom/scripts/";
var stylesPath =
var imagePath = "/eom/images/";
var screenHeight = "1050";
browserName = "ie";
var browserVersion = "6";
var sessDateFormat = "mdy";
browserFlush = "86464053";
var activeTransaction = "";

My next post request is working fine, the sessionNumber is included as


The response again contains the same variables as above.

So now I am all logged in with a valid session number.

The next thing I have  Jmeter firing off is a GET request
which looks like this :


The sessionNumber field is blank.

My question is :  Why is the sessionNumber field blanking
out or being overridden?  It looks like the host application
is doing the right thing , and Jmeter is causing the sessionNumber
to be overriden?

Alternatively, what would I put in a Regular expression
extractor to get the sessionNumber value out so
I can maintain it myself?

I've never used the regex extractor before, so :

Reference Name : sessionNumber
Regular Expression : ? what goes here
Template : ?

Thanks in advance,

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