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From Nicolas <>
Subject Re: How to test sample succes to run or cancel next sample ?
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 12:40:54 GMT
I'd like to try another way to solve my problem using beanshell sampler 
as I can manipulate IsSuccess variable with beanshell.
But as I downloaded the latest jar for beanshell and added it to the 
classpath in jmeter GUI, I can't create a script. I tells me that 
beanshell interpreter was not found. Ho do I set jmeter to use beanshell ?


Nicolas wrote:

> Hi,
> I built a test case to test load on an intranet website of my company 
> using JMeter.
> The goal is to test load of the HTML GUI of the site, not database 
> load or anything else.
> I first explain below what I already tested and the problems I 
> encountered.
> Finally the question is on the end of this e-mail, I hope you'll get 
> there...
> So I first test the user login to the site and then test the call of a 
> page showing a list of products.
> On this site, users have to be logged in to see the products listing 
> page.
> So I'd like to run the http sample that call the listing page only if 
> the http sample that call the login page and tries to log in is 
> successful.
> A successful login is tested using a regular expression to look for a 
> session id in the HTML resulting page.
> I tried to add a Result Status Action Handler post-processor in my 
> login http sample, but it stops the tread definitely on failure.
> What I want is just a loop to be stopped and the thread have to 
> continue in the next loop because login can fail due to heavy load or 
> any other problem and well work on next loop. It's a shame to stop all 
> the thread for that.
> Another way I tried was to create an IF logic controller, but I don't 
> know which variable value to test in this IF.
> As I already had a Regular Expression Extractor to get a variable from 
> the session ID returned by the login result page, I tried to use it 
> for my test.
> I added a "null" value in the default value field of the Regular 
> Expression Extractor to have a value to test.
> In my IF logic controller, I test if my variable is different to "null".
> But this works because I have something to retrieve as I need the 
> session ID in other samples.
> My problem is that I also want to run other samples on a basis of 
> preceding sample success, and this samples don't necessary need to 
> retrieve any informations as the login sample do. I don't want to 
> create extra test such as Regular Expression Extractor if I don't need 
> to retrieve any informations. It would duplicate the assertions I 
> already added to the samples and complicate the test case.
> So I'd like to test if the preceding sample completed successfully 
> before running any new sample without using Regular Expression Extractor.
> One of my ideas is to use a JMeter variable, if such a variable exist.
> So is there any JMeter variable, or anything else that would look like 
> ${isPrecedingSampleSuccessfull} for example to test if preceding 
> sample in the same thread succeed ?
> Did I miss something important in the JMeter usage ?
> Thanks,
> Nicolas.
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