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From Iago Toral Quiroga <>
Subject Re: Peak tests
Date Tue, 13 Dec 2005 15:51:45 GMT
El vie, 09-12-2005 a las 18:37, sebb escribió:

> > > Not necessarily. You can use variables in the requests, and read the
> > > variables from a file using CSV Data Set. Each thread will get a
> > > different line from the file (unless it wraps round).
> >

I tried it and works fine if I execute the test plan in a single

Now, if I execute the plan in two computers I get repeated requests
again, like this:

computer 1, thread 1: uses param1 from file
computer 1, thread 2: uses param2 from file
computer 2, thread 1: uses param1 from file (repeated)
computer 2, thread 2: uses param2 from file (repeated)

As far as I've seen, Jmeter does not distribute the test plan, but
replicates it in all configured computers, so I guess the result is what
is expected.

However, is there any way to get threads of different machines execute
diferent requests?

Thanks in advance.

Abel Iago Toral Quiroga	

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