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From Richard Gaywood <>
Subject Re: Advice needed: multiple ThreadGroups, scheduling, running a test multiple times
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 13:46:59 GMT
On 11/8/05, Richard Gaywood <> wrote:
> Thirdly, I want to run my master test plan four times: once with a small
> number of threads and once with a large number *before* my server's admin
> jobs run at 4AM, and then the small and large number of threads again after
> 4AM. I did this last night as four instances of the JMeter GUI with four
> scheduled times, but that's rather tedious (and loading four separate GUIs
> was rather hard on the load test server too). I see I can script the number
> of threads (and presumably) the start times on the command line with a -J
> option, but I still need to control the output file names for the XML file
> to store the results. Can I control that over a -J option too? When I tried
> setting it as a user parameter and setting the Filename in the
> SimpleDataWriter as, for example, ${output.dir}/results1.xml it didn't
> work. Is that because I can't mix-and-match ${} settings and plain text
> settings in the same dialog box?

OK, I'm partway along with this; I've written some batch files to run the
test and output to various JTX files, and I've figured out that I can load
them into the Aggregate Report component to get a nice breakdown. The
throughput that gives me, though, doesn't tally with the throughput I get
from the graph component (which is OK, I understand that this is probably
because it's an average across all the run, whereas the graph component only
gives me the last instantaneous value).

However, whenever I load a JTX file using 2.1.1 I get a "Error loading
results file" message; in jmeter.log, I see

2005/11/08 13:14:11 WARN - jmeter.reporters.ResultCollector: File load
failure, trying old data format.

Because of this error, the TOTAL line in the Aggregate Report doesn't work.
I've eyeballed the JTX file and it looks OK to me. I wouldn't need the TOTAL
line if I could figure out how to calculate the overall throughput myself...
but I can't, nor can I find it in the source. So: can anyone tell me how
throughput is calculated by the Aggregate Report tool?

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