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From Richard Gaywood <>
Subject Advice needed: multiple ThreadGroups, scheduling, running a test multiple times
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 12:01:18 GMT
Hi List! Let me start off with the obligitary gushing: JMeter really is a
nifty piece of work, and one I hope to be able to contribute code to soon.

Now, I've had to put together quite a complex test plan for our servers in a
bit of a rush, having never heard of JMeter until last week, and I'm a bit
concerned that some of the things I've done are not as good as they could
be. So if an experienced JMeter user or two would like to advise, I'd be
very greatful.

Firstly, I have three ThreadGroups in the whole test plan (each with it's
own JDBC request and CVS config file) and I want to be able to schedule the
test for a pre-set start time. Can I add all my main ThreadGroups under a
single master ThreadGroup (with just one thread), turn off scheduling on the
child ThreadGroups, then turn on scheduling on the master thread? This would
be a lot easier than configuring each ThreadGroup individually. I gave it a
go though and it didn't seem to work! Did I miss something?

Secondly, I've figured out how to log all the response times and whatnot to
an XML file when doing non-GUI testing, and figured out how to reload them
into JMeter to show the handy-dandy graphs but when I do that the throughput
doesn't get calculated properly. Is there anyway to get the measured
throughput out of a non-GUI test? That would speed my results collation. I'm
sure I can do it by crunching the XML file's response times but I don't want
to if I don't have to!

Thirdly, I want to run my master test plan four times: once with a small
number of threads and once with a large number *before* my server's admin
jobs run at 4AM, and then the small and large number of threads again after
4AM. I did this last night as four instances of the JMeter GUI with four
scheduled times, but that's rather tedious (and loading four separate GUIs
was rather hard on the load test server too). I see I can script the number
of threads (and presumably) the start times on the command line with a -J
option, but I still need to control the output file names for the XML file
to store the results. Can I control that over a -J option too? When I tried
setting it as a user parameter and setting the Filename in the
SimpleDataWriter as, for example, ${output.dir}/results1.xml it didn't work.
Is that because I can't mix-and-match ${} settings and plain text settings
in the same dialog box?

Fourthly, I can't find an option to log the number of bytes received in the
response; this would be a good sanity check for me that the data coming back
from the server isn't broken (as I'm doing JDBC and therefore don't have a
HTTP status code). Did I miss one or has this not been implemeted yet?

Any help with any of these would be greatfully received. Thanks in advance!



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