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From "Baumgartner, Christian" <>
Subject AW: want to list all foreign links of a page - or IF Controller and Regular Expressions
Date Tue, 22 Nov 2005 16:33:34 GMT
i want to write out those links, that doesn't belong to specific pool of given links.

the pool contains the following links (by example):,5/
AND	(where N = a number between 0 and 1000, some ID of course)

beside this links, it is in some cases possible, that there are other links too. and for these
other links i want JMeter to  call an Error.

other link example:

What I do:
I parse the Hyperlinks of a given Page, 
then I proove if the link is one of the pool,
IF NOT i call a HTTP Sample with some wrong parameter, so it get marked red in a listener.

So I get all the foreign links of the page, that shouldn't appear there.

But the Problem is this kind of link. I want to proove this
too, but not with a simple IF condition because I just know the structure of the link, but
not what all links will look like in production area.

So I thought of the combination Regular Expression Extractor and IF CONTROLLER. But it doesn't
work some way like this:
IF CONTROLLER( "${parsedLink}"=="/article\d+\.htm" )

Any other way to go?

nice regards

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Gesendet: Dienstag, 22. November 2005 17:16
An: JMeter Users List
Betreff: Re: want to list all foreign links of a page - or IF Controller and Regular Expressions

What are you trying to do?

On 22/11/05, Baumgartner, Christian <> wrote:
> following szenario:
> i have a html page that contains usually these links: link1, link2,
> linkY
> now for what ever reason there appears a linkX.
> every link points to another file on the same server, so just asking
> about the server in the url assertion isn't a solution.
> as long as it worked i did the following:
> parse all links from page in variable parsedLink
> if controller (is it link1?)
>        if controller (is it link2?)
>                if controller (is it linkY?)
>                        httpSample( parsedLink )
>                                urlAssertion( any wrong word, so that it
> get marked red in the tree listener )
> that worked for linkX, but now i have a lot more links on the page that
> are valid, with a special sample: link_<ID>_something
> the ID changes from one link to another. when i go further like the
> example above i'll grow old and die before i will finish *gg*
> is there a solution to use regular expressions in the if controller? or
> has someone another idea?
> nice regards
> Christian

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