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From <>
Subject How can I Synchronize many Thread groups
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 17:42:55 GMT

I have developed a test plan with many thread groups corresponding to
different categories of users. Each category use a group of
functionnalities of the same web app.
These users are all targeting the same application server.

My load test gives the following test plan:
Test Plan
   Thread Group A => 20 threads, 10 number of tests
     Http default request A
     Simple Controller A
         Http Request 1
         Http Request 2
   Thread Group B => 10 threads, 20 number of tests
     Http default request B
     Simple Controller B
         Http Request 3
         Http Request 4
    Thread Group C => 40 threads, 5 number of tests
     Http default request C
     Simple Controller C
         Http Request 5
         Http Request 6

There is no dependency between these thread groups.
How must I configure this test plan so that the thread groups start and
run simultaneously?
Thanks for your help,

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