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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Advice needed: multiple ThreadGroups, scheduling, running a test multiple times
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 18:13:33 GMT
On 08/11/05, Richard Gaywood <> wrote:
> On 11/8/05, Richard Gaywood <> wrote:
> >
> > Thirdly, I want to run my master test plan four times: once with a small
> > number of threads and once with a large number *before* my server's admin
> > jobs run at 4AM, and then the small and large number of threads again after
> > 4AM. I did this last night as four instances of the JMeter GUI with four
> > scheduled times, but that's rather tedious (and loading four separate GUIs
> > was rather hard on the load test server too). I see I can script the number
> > of threads (and presumably) the start times on the command line with a -J
> > option, but I still need to control the output file names for the XML file
> > to store the results. Can I control that over a -J option too? When I tried
> > setting it as a user parameter and setting the Filename in the
> > SimpleDataWriter as, for example, ${output.dir}/results1.xml it didn't
> > work. Is that because I can't mix-and-match ${} settings and plain text
> > settings in the same dialog box?
> OK, I'm partway along with this; I've written some batch files to run the
> test and output to various JTX files, and I've figured out that I can load
> them into the Aggregate Report component to get a nice breakdown. The
> throughput that gives me, though, doesn't tally with the throughput I get
> from the graph component (which is OK, I understand that this is probably
> because it's an average across all the run, whereas the graph component only
> gives me the last instantaneous value).
> However, whenever I load a JTX file using 2.1.1 I get a "Error loading
> results file" message; in jmeter.log, I see
> 2005/11/08 13:14:11 WARN - jmeter.reporters.ResultCollector: File load
> failure, trying old data format.
> Because of this error, the TOTAL line in the Aggregate Report doesn't work.
> I've eyeballed the JTX file and it looks OK to me. I wouldn't need the TOTAL
> line if I could figure out how to calculate the overall throughput myself...
> but I can't, nor can I find it in the source. So: can anyone tell me how
> throughput is calculated by the Aggregate Report tool?

Not sure what a JTX file is.

JMX files are test scripts and are loaded by File/open or on the command line.

JTL files are test logs, and can be loaded in a Listener

If this does not fix the problem, create a Bugzilla issue and then
attach jmeter.log, and the "JTX" file.


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