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From sebb <>
Subject Re: new HTTPSampleResult() returns null. My Mistake or JMeter's?
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 17:58:59 GMT
On 08/11/05, Alex Eagar <> wrote:
> --- sebb wrote:
> > BeanShell Sampler was not designed for such usage.
> >
> > Sorry, but I've no idea whether or not this can be
> > made to work.
> >
> > Try checking jmeter.log in case there are any error
> > messages to show
> > why res==null.

Are there any errors in jmeter.log?

> Every other object that I create works just fine. I
> created some simple classes with inheritance that have
> constructors that work the same as the source code for
> HTTPSampleResult and SampleResult and I didn't have
> any problem.

See above ...

> So what is a BeanShell Sampler designed for then? Once

It is intended for developing Samplers written in Java.

> I discovered that I could use BeanShells, I got pretty
> excited. There are some things that I just can't
> figure out how to with the JMeter GUI. The crawler I'm
> trying to create is pretty simple. It's just a
> recursive method that takes two parameters, a URL and
> an int for depth. It then loads and parses the
> particular page, and for each link in the page, it
> calls itself with a depth minus one. If depth equals
> zero then it doesn't call itself. I could then much
> more easily check all the links on my page. If you
> know of an easier way to do this then please tell me.
> If not, I'm sure I'll figure it out with enough
> effort.
> I downloaded Ant today, but I haven't had the time to
> learn how to use it yet. Is there a way to rebundle
> one particular jar file without recompiling
> everything? I want to try to find out at what point
> things are failing but I can't do that yet because I'm
> not sure how to edit and compile
> and Like I say, I'll figure it
> eventually, but I'd prefer an easier way than learning
> recompile everything using Ant (not that that won't be
> useful in the future).

You can create your own jars and put them in lib/ext.
No need to use Ant unless you want to.

I think the jars are processed in alphabetical order (this may depend
on the OS) so it may be possible to build your own jar with your own
copies of *SampleResult.class and just give it a name that sorts

Or you can delete the existing classes from the jars.

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