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From Noam Paz <>
Subject Another problem with the cookie manager??
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 08:29:49 GMT

perhaps this is a problem caused by the cookie manager?

I encounter a rather strange behaviour involving JMeter (2.0.2   on JKD 1.4.2_05) and Tomcat
*Sometimes* in my load test the session is being invalidated after the login.

With low load (<= 10 Threads) the tests run without problems.
With higher loads all threads are successful with the first request (login) but some of them
(about 15%) fail in the second request because of an invalid session.

Investigating the requests and the responses I have concluded that
1. In threads that perform timely adjucent logins exactly the same sessionids are received.
2. When these threads perform the second request, they send another sessionid. These new sessionids
differ from each other and do not belong to any earlier thread.

Example (simplified):
Thread            sessionid in Login/Response         Sessionid in CustomerSelect/request
1           101                           101 (OK)
2           102                           102 (OK)
3           103                           500 (not OK)
4           103 (same as in #3)                 600 (not OK)

My questions:
- What might be the cause of the identical sessionids for the different threads?
   Is it a know problem in either JMeter or Tomcat?
- Why does JMeter send a fake sessionid?

One idea was that the concurrent logins might count as one login trial because of the KeepAlive
I have turned the KeepAlive flag from the login request off, but this did not help.

Does anybody have further ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Noam Paz

Of course I use the cookie manager in my testplan and do not manipulate the sessionid in the

Best regards / Viele Grüße

Noam Paz

Deutsche Bank AG
Sales & Advisory IT
Brokerage & Advisory
Financial Planning

Alfred Herrhausen Allee 10a
D-65760 Eschborn

Tel: +49-69-910-69308
Fax: +49-69-910-68425


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