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From Rinke Heida <>
Subject Re: Difference in Jmeter 2.0.3 and Jmeter 2.1.1
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 11:22:48 GMT
Checked the functionality for replacing variabels in the name fields now 
on JMeter 2.1.1
Works fine now!!
This problem existed in version 2.1.0 and has indeed been solved in 2.1.1

I encountered a problem with the Java Runtime version, maybe this the 
case also with other users. You can get errors on undefined functions.
It happened that I actually used JRE 1.3 (residing under the Oracle 
JDeveloper directory) instead of JRE 1.4
Installed version j2re1.4.2_09 and pointed in the PATH to this 
particular version (and excluded the Oracle JRE version from the PATH, 
seemed to disturb things still, even when placed further in the PATH).


Rinke Heida wrote:

> I think I have the same problem, reason why I didn't upgrade from 
> JMeter 2.0.3 to 2.1.0. Looking for a solution I browsed this mailing 
> list and in jmeter-user thread "Unexpected Behaviour with 
> TestPlan-Level User Defined Variables" (17/18 aug 2005) it looked like 
> a familiar problem was discussed and I expected this problem would be 
> solved in 2.1.1 (regarding the answer of Mike Stover) but it 
> apparently didn't.
> The way I use it in JMeter 2.0.3 is:
> HTTP Request Name:    ${TC}-${GC}-01|
> Where the User Parameters are:
>  ${TC} a code for the Testplan (I have 15 different ones for one 
> webapplication)
>  ${GC} a code for the sampler group within a tesplan (groups being 
> recorded with option "Put Each Group in a New Sampler" or otherwise 
> logically placed together)
> As you can see, I replace the server in the request name with my 
> coding and put an extra pipeline so I can easily grab the threadcode 
> from the csv-logfile.
> Because we have to determine differences between two versions of the 
> tested webapp it is easy find  the  corresponding requests.
> We will not upgrade untill this feature is working again.
> This i probably no help for you, but I hope some support so it will be 
> fixed again. It would be much appreciated by me.
> Rinke Heida
> Gerry Ilagan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have been using jmeter 2.0.3 to perform load testing on a web 
>> application. On
>> my existing script I use variables on Sampler Names to easily 
>> identify what is
>> being executed on the "View Results Tree" window.
>> I have decided to try and convert my scripts to jmeter 2.1.1. While 
>> converting
>> I noticed that the variable name and not the actual values are being 
>> displayed.
>> Is this feature removed in version 2.1.1 or is there another way of 
>> displaying
>> values of variables in "Sampler, Logic Controller ..." name fields?
>> Appreciate some help.
>> Thanks in advance.
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