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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Reading data/Writing data to an external file, writing 'notes' within JMeter?
Date Sun, 25 Sep 2005 23:38:34 GMT
Add a call to the logn function:

${__logn(Hello World,ERR)}
${__logn(Hello World,OUT)}

somewhere in the test element.

On 26/09/05, 821MARK <> wrote:
> 1) How/what would you need to use to execute this log() function? i.e. from
> the JMeter manual, it says functions can be invoked within any Configuration
> Element, or Sampler element. How/what the heck do I do to log "Hello World"
> to std.err? to std.out?
> On 8/30/05, sebb <> wrote:
>   > 2) How can I *write* specific data to an external file?
> > - I'd like to use a RegEx post-processor, and rip out a
> > transaction/confirmation ID from the HTML, and output it to a file...
> > Example: I'd like a list that has: 123, 456,789,... Which is my list of
> > transaction IDs... so that I can manually check them by hand later...
> The __log[n]() function can write to jmeter.log, stdout or stderr.
> If you include a marker string within the text, it would be easy
> enough to extract this information from jmeter.log using grep, perl
> etc.

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