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From Sergei Riaguzov <>
Subject Re: order of samples in results file
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 11:51:43 GMT
On 8/11/05, sebb <> wrote:

> > Acha.. Ok. So I can't assume those things:
> > - If I take first sampleResult's timeStamp I assume that there's no
> > other timeStamp in result's file which is less then the first one.
> > - If I take the last sampleResult and take it timeStamp + time I
> > assume that there are no sampleResults with timeStamp + time greater
> > then the last one.
> Certainly not if you are using start time stamps.

> > Eeeh.. Okay so I have to learn how to make this crazy "sort and take
> > the first one to variable" things in XSLT. ;)
> Or use CSV output and do a sort before processing further.
CSV doesn't show all assertion results. :(

> Likewise it may be easier to sort the XML first, and then process the
> sorted input.
It may be even more easier to use normal format and Perl/bash/whatever
scripts, but xml and xslt are fashionable so why not to make some
brain damage templates and provide "device-independent business logic"
whatever this means. ;)

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