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From "Ronald Garrett" <>
Subject AccessLogSampler multiple files
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 18:57:04 GMT
I'm using the AccessLogSampler to simulate actual web traffic. I've
gotten it to work reasonably well but still have one problem.

If I have multiple threads running on the same jmeter instance, then
they will all read from the same file. This means that the web server
will get the same requests in the same sequence multiple times (once for
each thread). This isn't realistic. If the server caches any results,
then the later jmeter thread requests will process much faster than the

What I'd like to do is have each thread read from a different file,
either specified or randomly selected. Say, you'd enter "access_log.*"
into the Access Log Sampler "Log File" field, and the LogParser
implementation would randomly choose a specific file that fits that
filename pattern. Then each jmeter thread would use requests from a
different file, and you're much less likely to get the unrealistic
repetition of requests.

Does the threaded nature of JMeter allow something like this? Does each
Thread use the same LogFilter object, or is there one LogFilter object
per Thread? Has anyone else come across this problem before and solved
it? Is there a better way than I suggest?

(BTW, I'm using the 20050807 version of JMeter. Version 2.0.3 has
problems with the access log sampler.)


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