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From "George varghese" <>
Subject Re: JMeter Ant
Date Wed, 03 Aug 2005 02:03:48 GMT

I have modified the ant-jmeter to fail the build in case of testcase 
failures which i think is very usefull especially while using with 
continious integration.

Submitted code and details to ""
in . I hav'nt heard back 
anything yet.

Is that the right procedure?


>From: sebb <>
>Reply-To: sebb <>
>To: JMeter Users List <>
>Subject: Re: JMeter Ant
>Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 14:22:03 +0100

>Not possible currently. The JMeter exit code does not depend on the
>result of a test.

>On 30/07/05, George varghese <> wrote:
>  How do I make sure build fails if there Jmeter execution had failures
>(similar to Junit)?
>  <target name="jmeter">
>    <jmeter jmeterhome="c:\jakarta-jmeter-2.0.3"
>        resultlog="JMeterResults.jtl">
>       <testplans dir="." includes="SimpleTestPlan.jmx"/>
>          <jvmarg value="-Xincgc"/>
>          <jvmarg value="-Xmx128m"/>
>          <jvmarg value="-Dproperty=value"/>
>    </jmeter>
>It returns a build successfull even if there are failures in executing
>Please help.

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