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From Tony <>
Subject Proper syntax for checking string in conidtion of while loop
Date Wed, 24 Aug 2005 19:03:36 GMT
I have a test plan where I have a HTTP Request sampler within a while 
controller. The HTTP Request will get a response consisting of XML data 
from a Servlet. I use a regular expression extractor to extract some 
data from this response into a variable called "status". I want the 
while controller to continue processing until the status variable 
becomes "READY". So far I can't get this condition to work.

I try things like:

${status} != "READY"
"${status}" != "READY"
__javaScript( "${status}" != "READY")
__javaScript( "${status}" != "READY", dummy)

I still can't get the syntax correct... how does it work?

I can confirm I am extracting the correct data from the xml because I 
pass status as a variable on each HTTP request just to confirm that it's 
being set and it is.

Please help

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