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From Bronagh McElduff <>
Subject Re: Reporting tool for JMeter
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2005 08:25:05 GMT
Hi Peter,

This is excellent news!  A consoldated report is exactly what I need for 
immediate visibility into an automated run. I'd also be very happy to 
test this.

Kind regards,

Peter Lin wrote:

>My apologies to the users for accidentally hijacking the VM thread.
>I'm reposting it under a new topic for those interested in hearing
>about the reporting feature I'm working on.
>I posted a message to jmeter-dev a few weeks back about reporting tool
>for jmeter. I guess now is as good of time as any to let others know.
>I am currently working on a reporting tool for jmeter.
>I have a need for test and report automation, so I am writing a new
>GUI to design reports and an engine that can run in GUI or console
>mode for generating the reports. Right now, my feature list is the
>following. Keep in mind, there's no gaurantee this will be the final
>thing, but they are on my list.
>1. new gui for designing reports
>2. run in GUI or console mode
>3. report plan - may contain 1 or more report pages
>4. report page - may contain 1 or more charts or tables with
>statistics like the aggregate listener
>5. report header/footer - so users can point to a server side include
>like .shtml or paste in the HTML directly
>6. stylesheet - a link to the stylesheet
>7. report writers - initially I plan to write HTML and Text report writer
>8. charts - simple bar graphs
>9. tables - simple table similar to aggregate listener
>10. be able to process multiple files
>11. be able to aggregate multiple files
>I don't know how many features I'll be able to implement, but that's
>my goal at the moment.
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