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From Peter Lin <>
Subject Re: AccessLogSampler multiple files
Date Thu, 11 Aug 2005 19:40:08 GMT
the way AccessLogSampler works is it will parse 1 line in the access
log per request.

say you have a thread group with 30 threads. after each of the 30
threads have sent 1 request, the sampler would have parsed 30 lines of
access log. This means, the 30 threads will not repeat the same
request another thread just executed.

does that help?


On 8/11/05, Ronald Garrett <> wrote:
> I'm using the AccessLogSampler to simulate actual web traffic. I've
> gotten it to work reasonably well but still have one problem.
> If I have multiple threads running on the same jmeter instance, then
> they will all read from the same file. This means that the web server
> will get the same requests in the same sequence multiple times (once for
> each thread). This isn't realistic. If the server caches any results,
> then the later jmeter thread requests will process much faster than the
> first.
> What I'd like to do is have each thread read from a different file,
> either specified or randomly selected. Say, you'd enter "access_log.*"
> into the Access Log Sampler "Log File" field, and the LogParser
> implementation would randomly choose a specific file that fits that
> filename pattern. Then each jmeter thread would use requests from a
> different file, and you're much less likely to get the unrealistic
> repetition of requests.
> Does the threaded nature of JMeter allow something like this? Does each
> Thread use the same LogFilter object, or is there one LogFilter object
> per Thread? Has anyone else come across this problem before and solved
> it? Is there a better way than I suggest?
> (BTW, I'm using the 20050807 version of JMeter. Version 2.0.3 has
> problems with the access log sampler.)
> Thanks
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