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From Charles Castellow <>
Subject extending JMeter
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 16:27:20 GMT
Hi. I've just started using JMeter and have a couple of questions. I've 
looked through the documentation and browsed the mail archives, but the 
answers haven't jumped out at me.
 1) Is there a repository for JMeter extensions? Clearly some people will 
have needs that will require unique samplers, listeners, etc., but I'm sure 
that lots of people have made generic extensions that could be of general 
use. No reason to reinvent the wheel if it's not necessary.
 2) Is there any built-in way to store a collection/list/array of extracted 
data? My performance test has a set-up stage where simulated users are given 
a unique ID by a web service (think guid or social security number, or some 
such unique ID that I won't know in advance). I need to save those to use in 
testing the web services. I could use the regular expression extractor and 
stick them in ID1, ID2, etc., but I doubt that's the optimum solution, and 
since I'm talking about thousands of IDs, that seems a bit tedious. I could 
probably write them out to a file somehow and read them back in as needed. 
What I'd really like to do is store them in an array, or a linked list, or 
some sort of collection that I could use as data in my sampler. Is there 
some standard way to do this that I've missed? If not, has anyone created an 
extension to do such a task? Any suggestions?

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