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From Buhi Mume <>
Subject Running jmeter
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2005 21:20:46 GMT

After unpacking the JMeter 2.0.3 binary, I got a bunch of warnings
from running './jmeter'. For example:
Warning: -Xms256m not understood. Ignoring.
Warning: -Xmx256m not understood. Ignoring.

After I commented out those arguments (in the 'jmeter' script),
running './jmeter' started up the GUI. However, the only item showed
up on the left was Workbench (i.e. no Test Plan) and none of the menus
(e.g. File, Edit, etc.) showed up.

I also tried to build the source from the CVS. However, running
'./jmeter' caused a warning:
Warning: -server not understood. Ignoring.


Thank you.


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