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From sebb <>
Subject Re: How to get the aggregate report with only one URL per page [ but should calculate the subsequent http urls fired from that page]
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 09:39:17 GMT

On 7/12/05, Sampath Ramanujan <> wrote:
> Hi,
>  Whenever you get the response from the server, HTML page is rendered by
> retrieving the images, as well as some javascript. All these are the Http
> Request URLs. And these will be considered as a sampler by the JMeter.
>  And When you do load test -> These Http URL request, Image URL Request,
> JavaScript URL Request, CSS Request are being fired and shown with average
> response time. Here I would like to group these under one name -> and that
> should be shown in the report with average response time.
>  Example: Login Submit Page:
>  Once you submit -> next screen will be the main screen - call it as some
> welcome-msg screen.
>  In my JMeter I will have the following Http Requestors
>  1. http://host:port/testapp/doLogin?cmd=submitlogin => Login Submit
> 2. http://host:port/testapp/images/welcome-banner.gif =>Welcome-Msg-Image
> 3. http://host:port/testapp/stylesheets/main-page.css => CSS file
>  *When I create the Aggregate Report -> all these URL will be shown with
> response time. I tried to group this -> still when I group, and run the test
> , The runner does not execute the child urls [in this case above 2 and 3
> urls] and Aggregate Report does not calculate the child URLs [which are
> actually the part of the login-submit page]*
> **
> *Can anyone tell me how do we configure for such scenario.*
>  Thanks
> SampathR

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