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From "PiRanha" <>
Subject Bad test name reported by samplers
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 09:17:26 GMT

I regurarly have a problem with the names of tests that are reported by
For the moment I didn't manage to clearly identify a scenario and a Test
Plan scheme for reproducing it systematically :(
However the behaviour I sometimes observe is the following one :

Consider the following test plan :
Test Plan
|----- Thread Group (looping infinitely)
          |----- Random or Interleave Controller
                    |----- SOAP XML/RPC Sampler 1
                    |----- SOAP XML/RPC Sampler 2
                    |----- SOAP XML/RPC Sampler 3
                    |----- SOAP XML/RPC Sampler 4
                    |----- HTTP Header Manager (Authorization header + empty
soapaction header)
                    |----- Agregate Report
                    |----- Results Table
                    |----- Results Tree
          |----- Java Sampler (sleep request)
          |----- User Defined Variables 1
          |----- User Defined Variables 2

The first time "SOAP XML/RPC Sampler 1" is launched I get its correct name
in the listeners reports.
Next times I get "User Defined Variables 1" as the name for "SOAP XML/RPC
Sampler 1".

Did someone experienced the same issue ?
Is it a known bug ?

Remark :
I checked that when the problem occurs the name is also wrong in the output
file optionnaly generated by the listeners.


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