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From Andy Kappen <>
Subject Distributed Testing and Properties
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 17:40:55 GMT
I've inherited some jmeter performance tests, and I have hit a snag
running one of them in distributed mode.  The test in question works
fine in non-distributed mode.  It uses properties in an external file
to drive dynamic portions of the test (number of threads/loops,
appserver name, appserver port, etc.).  These properties are added to
the jmeter runtime environment by using the -p option to jmeter:

jmeter -t target_test.jmx -p

The test then uses ${__property(} to pull values from
'' into the test.  This is a very nice
technique since I can leave the jmx test definitions untouched while
enabling different levels of stress testing against differing
environments just by choosing among a handful of canned property
files.  (For me it is easier and less error-prone to edit a property
file than to open the jmeter gui and click a bunch of widgets.)

Now for my question:  When I attempt to run this test in a distributed
mode, none of the properties in '' are
available to the slave jmeter-server instances.  I had hoped that
either (1) all known properties on the jmeter master got pushed down
to the slave (it appears the jmx files are pushed this way) or (2) the
jmeter master would perform the property substitution before pushing
the jmx file to the slaves.  For the record, a hardcoded version of
the test (without the property substitution) worked fine in
distributed mode.

Am I heading down a dead-end road here?  It's starting to look like
the property file usage of the original test breaks some fundamental
assumptions of jmeter.  Will I be stuck writing N statically-defined
jmx files to cover the cross-product of thread/loop/server/port/etc

Thanks for reading, and I hope somebody can come up with an answer.


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