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From Andy Kappen <>
Subject While Controller help!
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 14:31:28 GMT
I have been trying to use the "While Controller" in JMeter 2.0.3 with
no luck.  This could be due
to two things: user error (since I'm not sure my Condition is in the
correct form), or the While
Controller is a little too alpha not work as advertised.

Inside the While Controller, I grab a page using "HTTP Request
Sampler" and use "Regular
Expression Extractor" to populate a variable called "encodedState".  I
would like the While
Controller to loop until encodedState equals the string "ENCODED".

I have tried a variety of conditions on the While Controller with no
luck.  What should the
condition look like?  Javascript?  Pure java?  BeanShell?  I tried
several guesses:
  ${encodedState} != "ENCODED"
  . . . you get the idea.

If the While Controller is just too alpha to handle the Condition
correctly, is there some other
way to get this type of behavior?


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