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From Joshua Auerbach <>
Subject Averaging results
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 17:59:55 GMT
I tried looking for information on this in the user manual, list 
archive, etc. and have not found anything, so if anyone can help me out 
it would be great.  What I am trying to do is instead of recording every 
sample I want to record an average of all samples processed within n 
seconds, i.e. instead of recording every sample, I want and entry to be 
recorded every n seconds that contains the average of all results wihin 
that interval.  If this is not possible an acceptable substitue would be 
to record after n samples an average of those n samples.  This is 
desired because we are attempting to load test an application in 
development, but the number of samples we are generating makes the graph 
far to cluttered and we want to condense it.

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