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From Dmitry Markushevich <Dmitry.Markushev...@Alea.Ca>
Subject Re: Stream Closed When Sending Large Messages with SOAP/XML-RPC
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 18:21:21 GMT
Hello everyone.

I've tried the latest nightly (20050622 if I'm not mistaken) and this
issue (Stream closed) is also happening for me. The difference between
my and the original poster is that we use a simple HTTPSampler, and my
messages are tiny (simple posts and gets). If I start the test with only
a few threads/users it seems to proceed properly. If I increase the
number of threads/users a large portion will start experiencing the
"Stream closed" exceptions. Any thoughts as to why this might be

I'm guessing this will not be merged into an old thread, so here's a
link to last weeks post on the list:

Any help will be appreciated.


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