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From "Roopal Shah" <>
Subject Problem Implementing Test Plan due to Secured Page Access Logic
Date Fri, 08 Apr 2005 13:20:20 GMT
We are experiencing a problem with creating a test plan in JMeter. We know
the cause of the problem but need inputs/help to identify the approach for
resolving the problem.
The application that is being tested contains code logic that ensures that
the application pages cannot be downloaded/requested without successful
completion of the login validation process. This means that in order to
perform any function within the application a user must have logged into the
application successfully. Once a user has logged into the application
his/her user information is saved/cached into the HTTP Session. The
application's JSP pages contain an include directive that invokes some code
logic which queries the HTTP Session to verify whether the user's
information (user profile) is available in the session and based on this
check it determines whether the user has logged into the system.
The JMeter test plan is created/implemented as follows: (under single Thread
*	Make a request to the Login page (JSP Page) and pass the required
*	Make a request to the application pages and pass the required parameters
We were expecting that JMeter should be able to maintain the user
information in the HTTP Session when the application pages are requested
because login validation is the first thing that happens when the test plan
is executed. However, based on our findings the test plan fails since the
user information is not found when application pages are requested
subsequent to completion of the login validation.
I would greatly appreciate any assistance / pointers that can help me
resolve the above mentioned issue.
Thanks and Regards,
Roopal Shah

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