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From "Isabel Beltran" <>
Subject RE: Sending binary data in HTTP Request body
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 10:23:14 GMT
> > On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 12:08:16 +0000, Isabel Beltran <>
> > wrote:
> > >
> > > We are trying to use JMeter to load test an application which uses 
> > > protocol through the CICS Web Interface to access a legacy 0S/390
> > > application. The HTTP request body contains binary data, it does not
> > contain
> > > name/value pairs. Is there any way that the HTTP request sampler could
> > > accept binay data as the body of the request?.
>Sebb wrote:
> > Is this a POST or a GET command?
> > Indeed is it valid HTTP?
>HTTP is 8-bit clean, so it's perfectly normal to send a binary payload.

We are using valid HTTP protocol to send data with a POST method

> > However, if it is valid HTTP, but
> > the existing samplers don't work, then please raise a bug report.
>>From my understanding of JMeter (Version 1.9.x), the HTTP samplers are
>limited to either:
>  - URL parameters (GET)
>  - name-value variables (POST)
>This limits the content body that is sent - for e.g.: an arbitrary MIME
>document can't be sent.

>It would be good if all samplers had an option to load an arbitrary file
>from disk as their content body. This would make them somewhat analogous to
>the XML-RPC sampler, where you can just paste in an arbitrary XML document
>as the request content body.
>Is there a way to use bean-shell to set the HTTP sampler's content body to
>an arbitrary value?

Sebb, according to Sonam,  it seems to be a limitation in the HTTP Request 
sampler. We would really appreciate the enhancement Sonam proposes, is all 
what we need  (to load an arbitrary file from disk as the content body). I 
will raise an enhancement report in Bugzilla.


>>We needed to support a private protocol which uses text messages over
>>TCPIP.  (Not HTTP) I wrote that as a version of the JavaTest Sampler,
>>but in retrospect this was not the best approach.

>>I'd recommend looking at the TCP Sampler as a basis instead.

>>Or you could write it in BeanShell - this is especially useful for
>>prototyping, as you can write a stand-alone script and test that, and
>>then plug it into the sampler.

>Is there a way to use bean-shell to set the HTTP sampler's content body to
>an arbitrary value?

Meanwhile, I will try to write it in BeanShell. Could you point us to a good 
starting point?. I am completely new in the subject

Thanks in advance, regards


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