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From "Isabel Beltran" <>
Subject Sending binary data in HTTP Request body
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 12:08:16 GMT

We are trying to use JMeter to load test an application which uses HTTP 
protocol through the CICS Web Interface to access a legacy 0S/390 
application. The HTTP request body contains binary data, it does not contain 
name/value pairs. Is there any way that the HTTP request sampler could 
accept binay data as the body of the request?.

Reading through the mailing list appends, we were trying to find out how to 
achieve this. It seems that the best solution - in case the HTTP request 
sampler could not help us - will be to code our own Java Sampler or 
BeanShell script. Are we right?. Which is the best approach?. Is there any 
docs/references available on how to extend AbstractJavaSamplerClient apart 
from the SleepTest class?.

Thanks in advance, regards


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