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From "Kumar Krishnan \(K\)" <>
Subject HTTPSampler2 - Using the same thread
Date Wed, 23 Mar 2005 13:40:00 GMT

Hi Guys -

Apologies if this is a fairly basic question...

I'm trying to use the HTTPSampler - that uses httpclient - I've
modified the code a bit to get NTLM authentication working.

The website I'm trying to access is of the form:

- login
- (obtain a cookie)
- do some other stuff

The problem I'm having is that each sampler seems to create a new
instance of the httpclient for every request - in the jmeter.log there
is a 'Thread started" for every http request - this is not what I want
(this in turn seems open a dedicated http connection - and so session
information is lost). Is there a way that I can prevent jmeter from
creating new instances of httpclient and httpconnection for every http

Any help would be much appreciated.

PS - for anyone interested in getting NTLM authentication going, I've
changed the following (this is not the best way - because it always
assumes ntlm authentication, and the username / password is hardcoded
- but it's a start):

    private void setConnectionAuthorization(
        HttpMethod method,
        URL u,
        AuthManager authManager)

		NTCredentials upc =	new NTCredentials(<insert
username here>, <insert password here>,"localhost",<insert domain
        httpState.setCredentials(null,null, upc	);

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