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From "Craig S. Wilson" <>
Subject Counter Field Sizes and Multiple Property Files
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 17:18:34 GMT

It would be real nice if the field sizes on the Counter were lengthened.

I use properties from a file and the short field sizes make it difficult 
to verify that I haven't fat-fingered a property name, or the syntax of 
the __property function.

Is there any way to increase these field sizes short of rebuilding jmeter?

Is there a way to use more than one property file?  I would really like 
to leave the default file alone and then have my 
customized  file override and add to the default properties.

In most cases I am just adding my own properties for my tests.

Right now, I have copied the default file to and 
specify that on the command line with the -p option.


Craig S. Wilson
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