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From "Danny R. Faught" <>
Subject Re: <link> element should be ignored
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 14:34:00 GMT
sebb wrote:
> Probably because Jmeter is not taking note of the "rel" attribute -
> which is a bug.

Thanks for confirming that.

> AFAIK the same <link> tag is used for external CSS files, which should
> be downloaded. These use a different rel attribute.

Right.  Just before the troublesome one is this one that I do want to 

<link rel="STYLESHEET" type="text/css" href="jambo.css">

> Jmeter also does not (yet) cache the downloaded resources, so it will
> download images every time, which a browser would not do.
> So if you want a more accurate test, you should probably switch off
> "Retrieve all embedded resources" anyway, and download the extra
> resources manually.

I've thought about doing that, but since I have a random element to my 
test, that's still not sufficient for simulating what a real cache would 
do when retrieving pages in varying order.  And listing all the 
resources individually would make the test harder to maintain.
Danny R. Faught
Tejas Software Consulting

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