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From "Leo Leo" <>
Subject Wishlist for JMeter
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:11:33 GMT

I am working with JMeter now a month or so, and I'd like to thank the
developers for their great product. In order to provide you some
user-feedback, I feel free to send you my personal wish list for JMeter. If
you'd plan to develop these for JMeter, it would be fantastic

1.) Synchronising threads: 
I send already a request for this some weeks ago.

2.) Functional Testing: Logging only the requests, no the responces:
I send already a request for this some weeks ago.

3.) Custom logging:
When I try to log some custom data (f.e. some regex-results etc.) and I try
to log them I could use the "__log()" or the "__logn()" Function. Now the
problem is, that I can use this function either in a sampler or a
configuration-component. If I use a sampler I definitly have to make a
request, if I use a config-comp. it logs inside loops only once (the first

The other "problem" I have with custom logging is it's output format in
jmeter.log. It work, but it always creates this traceback-info, that you
know from java-exception. So if I do some logging, the jmeter.log becomes
very large.

What I'd like to have is a component, where you can log custom strings to
jmeter.log (or any other logfile). It doesn't need to be a .jtl-File. Just
think of the reverse-Function of "_StringFromFile". If it would be an extra
component, this custom logging could be outside of samplers or listeners.
And it would be great, if I could log that into a custom file.

F.e. I would log the follwoing:
Thread: ${__threadNum()}, User: ${login}, Menu: ${menuID} called.

The output should be:
yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss Thread: 1, User: foo, Menu 3 called.

As I said, I can produce this already now, but it is not very convinient

4.) GUI for HTTP-Request:
I you could make the input-field for "path" a lot larger, than now, it would
be very good. If you have long path-names it gets confusing. I think it is
very very short

5.) Variable-Names do not work in filenames for listeners. 
So something like "${base_path}/testplan_errors.jtl" does not work

6.) Better documentation how to use the BSF and Beanshell-Component.
Sorry, I don't get it, I have absolutley no idea how to use it, how I could 
use f.e. jython with the bsf or somethink like that. The documentation of
BSF is rather 'tiny'. If you could give me (us) a detailed installing and
usage description of bsf or beanshell, i would appreciate it very much.

7.) If there is a componente "user defined variables", it would be helpful
if i could overwrite these variables from non-gui startup per command line

8.) The last one is more a question:
If I use distributed testing over HTTP and my testplan needs to read some
data out of a file, the client which controls the servers reads the data
from the file located at the client machine.

But if I run the tests over HTTPS, these files have to be stored at the
JMeter-Server machines! Since the filepath is stored at the client machine
the servers need the same path. So I could NOT mix a JMeter-Client on an
Win32-Box and some JMeter-Servers on Linux-Boxes when I test over HTTPS.


Okay, that was a rather long list.

Thank you very much again.


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