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From Gareth Western <>
Subject Re: Grouping Test Results
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 09:54:18 GMT
Ah yeah! That's a bit closer to what I'm trying to achieve. The problem now is
that the transaction controller timings includes the delays which I include as
part of some HTTP Requests (to simulate a user pausing for a short time before
making the next request). These delays vary from page to page and group to
group, so I can't just use a formula to subtract some amount from the total
transaction time.

Would it be advisable/feasible for me to modify the Jmeter source code so that,
in the XML file of the results, an extra attribute is written to each
sampleResult which records the name of the parent controller? Or would this
cause some problems  somewhere else in the software? This way I could use a
custom XSLT sheet to calculate / display results based on these controller

Thanks (to both you and Mike for your replies),

Quoting sebb <>:

> Or you can use the Transaction Controller, which generates an extra
> "sample" for all the samplers and timers etc underneath it.
> S.

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