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From Daniel Browne <>
Subject Re: Help needed
Date Thu, 03 Feb 2005 11:01:14 GMT
Hope this response is 'immediate' enough for you.

Why don't you just add extra users to your thread group and give it a 
try?  JMeter's reaction will be determined by what your application's 
behaviour.  I would expect that you will get the same as if you did it 
via the browser (message saying to select another cabin).

Do you want the other 19 users to select different cabin to begin with?

No expectations of response time...

Kiran wrote:

> Hi friends,
>       I will share a scenario.Pls tell me how to use Jmeter in this
> issue. 
> I have a website for booking cruise tickets.If a customer selects a
> particular cabin it will be under hold for 15 minutes.Within that 15
> minutes he has to complete booking by entering the passenger details and
> all.Within that time if any other customer selects the same cabin he
> will get a message to select another cabin.
> So I have recorded a scenario that a customer selects a particular cabin
> and books a ticket. Suppose i executed this test case for 20 users what
> will happen..?Any way its not possible to select the same cabin?..How
> jmeter will react in this case..It will throw any error?
> Expecting  immediate response..
> Regards Kiran                                          

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