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From Peter Lin <>
Subject Re: JMeter and SSL = slow
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2005 13:34:00 GMT
keep in mind that SSL is heavy weight. By heavy weight I mean this.

450mhz cpu - handles 5-8 concurrent SSL/HTTPS requests, but maxes out cpu
2.0ghz cpu - handles 20-25 concurrent SSL/HTTPS requests, but maxes out cpu

in general, if you're testing SSL, make sure the sampler isn't set to
download the images and other embedded resources. I've done quite a
bit of testing in the past on the performance difference between HTTPS
vs HTTP. You're lucky if the req/sec only drops half. More often than
not, depending on how many images you have, it may be 3-5x slower.

most large E-commerce sites use hardware accelerators for this reason.
IBM, Rainbow technologies and several other companies sell SSL enabled
ethernet cards or network attached SSL. Most routers today offer SSL
acceleration, so my advice is to not use software SSL. hope that helps


On Fri, 04 Feb 2005 12:30:02 +0100, Thomas Keller
<> wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm working with JMeter 2.0.2 (JDK 1.5.0) to create a test case for
> our ssl app to test the work load.
> SSL is configured on the server with mod_ssl using a self-signed
> certificate which works flawlessly in any browser. Since JMeter needs
> a PKCS12 certificate to be able to talk to an SSL server I created
> this one out of my original certificate/key with
> $ openssl pkcs12 -export -in -inkey \
> -name " Test certificate" \
> -out
> and imported it into JMeter via SSL Key Manager.
> Now, JMeter makes SSL requests and gets valid responses, but each
> request takes between 5 to 10 seconds, while a normal http request
> took under a second before. A SSL request in any browser is also
> done within a couple of milliseconds.
> Am I doing something wrong or have I'm forgotten to configure something?
> Thanks for your replies.
> --
> Best regards | Mit freundlichen Grüßen
>         Thomas Keller.
> inatec solutions GmbH, Public Key 0x94A5F429
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