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From "Vladimir Tsygankov" <>
Subject Problems with "If" controller
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 17:54:33 GMT
Hello to all.
I have problems with "If" controller.
I would like to compare some extracted from certain page variables with
actual (expected) ones. 
It needs to decide if the test script performed correctly or not. If the
result is not agree 
with the correct values we want to send a message to Console (test is
performing without GUI).

Test plan is going to look like:
- HTTP Request
- Reg Exp Extractor (creates a variable MyVar1)
- Loop for all ${MyVar1_g#}
  - If Controller 
     < compares ${MyVar1_g#} with correct value taken from user
parameter or file (function CSVRead) >
    - send a message to Conlose ("incorrect test result")

My questions:
1. I couldn't force "If" to work with JMeter functions.
How can I use in controller "If" expressions like 
or ${user-parameter1}!=${MyVar1_g1} 
or ${user-parameter${__counter(false,refC)}}!=${MyVar1_g${refC}} 
2. Can I have an access from JaveScript code to JMeter variables like
3. How can I send any string to Console?
Any other ideas?

The best regards and thanks in advance,

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